Trailer Made Custom Trailers




The team at Trailer Made Trailers has years of designing and fabricating custom trailers to serve a wide array of industries. Trailer Made has been in the energy sector, building flatbed trailers and deck-over trailers for the oil, gas, and clean energy sectors. Trailer Made Trailers have been in the paddock at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb race, providing support to the Japanese Acura factory team race effort. Trailer Made tiny house foundations have been on five different tiny house television series filmed over 6 seasons on Discovery and A&E Networks. Our commitment to the experience of the end-user ensures that every Trailer Made Custom Trailer is built with the demands of the job in mind, all while being backed by our industry-leading Lifetime* warranty. Colorado is home to many outdoor activities, off-road motorsports and whitewater rafting are just a couple of the most-enjoyed hobbies here in our home state of Colorado. Trailer Made has always been there with you on your adventure or your job site, ensuring you don’t have to worry about the trailer making it home with you. We build professional-grade equipment trailers and car hauler trailers, with deck-over trailer configurations as well as gooseneck options available for numerous configurations. No concept or idea is too out of bounds for the fabrication team at Trailer Made Custom Trailers, and we accept all prototype and small run production steel fabrication work.


Our commitment

Our commitment to the customer ownership experience is what drives us to provide the industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty* on all original OEM Trailer Made Products. It is our groundbreaking use of materials and construction layout of each custom trailer that makes it a tool that you can trust for decades! From initial design and consultation to the delivery of your new custom trailer, the team at Trailer Made Custom Trailers is there with you through each step of the process. Buying a trailer should be more than just showing up and picking from a “take it or leave it” retail lot. Buying a new trailer should be thought out, with each of your needs included in a thoughtful way in the design of your new trailer. When you take your new tool to the job site or on the next adventure, you won’t ever wish you had something other than a genuine Trailer Made Trailer. Take a look at our selection of deck-over trailers, car hauler trailers, raft trailers, tiny house trailers, and gooseneck trailers, and you will see why Trailer Made is the premier choice for your custom trailer needs. We firmly believe that you will buy the last trailer you will ever need from the team here at Trailer Made Custom Trailers! Take a look at our products and see why for yourself, or come by the plant and take a tour and shake the hands of the women and men who build our amazing products here at Trailer Made headquarters!


Three trailer types are available

12,000 GVWR to 28,000 GVWR

Tandem and triple axle configurations

Lengths from 12 to 44 ft in standard or wide configurations


There is really no need for an introduction to this Trailer Made product. The venerable “Tiny House Foundation on Wheels” is the gold standard for the tiny house industry when it comes to tiny house trailers. Backed by our lifetime warranty*, the Trailer Made Tiny House Foundation is the starting point for thousands of DIY and professional tiny home builds across the country.



Deck-over trailers come in a 2-axle configuration all the way up to a 5-axle tiny house trailer deck-over foundation. With no fenders to contend with, it doesn’t matter if you are hauling to the dock, or building your dream home, Trailer Made deck-over trailers are built to perform to your standards.


Equipment Trailers

Equipment trailers are a lot like tattoos… good ones are not cheap, and cheap ones aren’t any good. Knowing what every Trailer Made Equipment Trailer will be subjected to during its service life is what drives us here at Trailer Made to keep pushing the envelope of innovation and discovery, all while maintaining our incessant dedication to quality and customer service.


All the way back to the beginning of Trailer Made Custom Trailers, we have been producing and offering high-quality, lifetime-warranty backed*, custom car hauler trailers for over a decade. The heavy-duty, dovetail-equipped car hauler trailer, nicknamed the “Crawler Hauler” is the crown jewel of the Trailer Made Car Hauler Line.


Rafting Trailers

Our weatherproof decking material, lightweight steel construction, sealed LED lighting, and even (optional) under-floor storage make sure that you have everything you need to launch and get on the rapids! With sizes ranging from 8’ long to 20’ long, Trailer Made raft trailers have you covered, no matter what adventure you are on!

Financing for your trailer