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*If building a tiny house, please select Tiny House Trailer.

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* Kit includes: Framing plans, Unassembled steel frame, framing screws and Simpson strong ties.

* Shell Package Includes: Trailer, Erected Steel Frame, Trailer Insulation, Advantech Sub Floor and Zip Sheathing.

* Deckover Trailers available upon request.

12K - 2 x 6,000lbs Axles
14K - 2 x 7,000lbs Axles
18K - 3 x 6,000lbs Axles
21K - 3 x 7,000lbs Axles
28K - 4 x 7,000lbs Axles

* ( GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating )

* This Is In Addition to Trailer Length

* Department of Transportation max allowed width is 102" inches without the need to pull a permit.

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