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Colorado is home to some of the most epic whitewater rafting in the world. That’s why the team at Trailer Made Custom Trailers has the unique experience needed when deciding how to build a trailer to get to the water’s edge. Your next rafting adventure is going to be a breeze when you count on a Trailer Made raft trailer. Our weatherproof decking material, lightweight steel construction, sealed LED lighting, and even (optional) under-floor storage make sure that you have everything you need to launch and get on the rapids! With sizes ranging from 8’ long to 20’ long, Trailer Made raft trailers have you covered, no matter what adventure you are on!

Transform Your Rafting Experience

Trailer Made raft trailers don’t just transport your raft; they elevate your entire adventure. With our trailers, you can tap into a seamless blend of durability, functionality, and innovation, designed specifically to meet the demands of whitewater enthusiasts. Whether you’re gearing up for a serene float down a gentle stream or preparing to conquer the roaring Class V rapids, our trailers stand as your ultimate companion.

Convenient Solutions Right at Your Fingertips

Of course, raft trailers simplify transportation to different locations. But they also eliminate the need for inflation and deflation because they allow you to transport the raft in its fully assembled state, saving time and effort. You’ll also avoid road debris like rocks, gravel, and other hazards that could potentially damage the raft or its components during transit. With these benefits, a rafting trailer provides a convenient and efficient solution for transporting your equipment securely and with peace of mind.



Take a look at the standard features of a Trailer Made raft trailer:

  • 100% tube steel construction – This provides unmatched durability and reliability. No matter the terrain, our trailers can withstand the harshest conditions without faltering.
  • 16G 3 1/2″ Slat Steel Deck – Get a solid foundation for your raft. This material ensures your raft stays secure and undamaged on your travels.
  • Sealed LED lighting and wiring harness – Safety comes first, and our fully sealed lighting system means you’re visible and in compliance, no matter the hour or weather.
  • Dexter USA axles – You can have peace of mind knowing your trailer has the industry’s most reliable components.
  • Steel belted radial tires – These ensure smooth towing to and from your destination, providing stability and durability even on bumpy paths.
  • Boat winch for bow loading – This simplifies the process of loading your raft onto the trailer, which means less time spent at the water’s edge and more time enjoying the rapids.
  • Removable, replaceable boat roller across the rear of raft trailer – Make launching and recovering your raft as effortless as possible, protecting the integrity of your vessel with each use.
  • Available (optional) under-floor storage (a Trailer Made Exclusive!) – Our under-floor storage maximizes your space, allowing you to keep your gear organized and accessible.
  • Trailer Made Trailers Limited Lifetime Warranty* – We stand behind our craftsmanship and the quality of materials in each trailer we build, ensuring that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Set Sail With Confidence 

With equipment that promises to enhance your rafting experience and uphold the highest standards of quality, your search for the perfect raft trailers for sale ends here. Make each trip unforgettable with our trailers, and witness firsthand how they redefine the standards of outdoor adventure. Start your journey with us today! Our design team looks forward to working with you. 

As is the case with all Trailer Made trailers, the raft trailer comes with everything you need to fit your excursion out to the river this rafting season! Give our trailer design team a call and see how easy it is to own a legendary Trailer Made Custom Trailer!

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